Massive distribution of messages (pre-recorded) simultaneously to a large number of recipients for mobile phones and landlines in Colombia.

It allows you to call a list of your company's customers and when they answer, play a pre-recorded audio message with the information you want them to hear. Reach thousands of users at the same time, saving time and money and ensuring direct communication with them.

Among the main features we find:

  • Online reports.
  • A recording is uploaded in MP3 format.

3 types of campaigns are managed:

  • Recording only.
  • Survey with one question.
  • Call with the option to save the customer's opinion.
  • SMS response report.

Transactional IVR

Automate your call processes by allowing your customers to interact with a customer service system through configurable voice menus.

IVR Masivos

We make prerecorded and personalized calls, ideal for collection reminders, political campaigns, event invitations, satisfaction surveys, and more.