The most efficient digital marketing channel.

Bulk SMS

      Sending capacity of 400 SMS/second.

      99% effectiveness. Direct connection to operators.

      Maximum 160 characters.

Long SMS

Ideal for sales, scheduling, customer service, data entry, order taking, order reminders, payment and collection reminders, among other services.

Two-way SMS

      It has a platform to offer a bidirectional communication  with its customers or users.
      Sending capacity 150 SMS/second.
      99% efficiency - direct connection with operators.
      SMS response report.

SMS with link to WhatsApp

Allows you to send a text message and the recipient will be able to reply via WhatsApp message with a previously informed number and a welcome message can be configured.

SMS with multimedia link

With just one text message, the recipient will be able to share images, animations, play audio or video.

SMS to Tracking Link / SMS to Habeas Data with Acceptance Report

Allows you to see how many people have opened the link, and in the case of Habeas Data, generates a response report.