WhatsApp Massive

WhatsApp is a global platform with millions of users, what better way to get your message in the hands of your users.

Send your mass messaging campaigns via WhatsApp with images or videos attached and an unlimited number of characters.

Long SMS

Ideal for sales, scheduling, customer service, data capture, order taking, payment reminders and collections, among other services and collections, among other services.

Avoid additional costs by validating your database. Our system will let you know which mobile phones have the WhatsApp service enabled, so that you can only send campaigns via this medium.

Key features

  1. Mass distribution of Whatsapp messages with image, text, video and audio.

  2. Ability to customize profile picture.

  3. Effectiveness of 99.9%.

  4. Sending speed of 2,000 messages per hour.

  5. Maximum 20,000 messages per day.

  6. Unlimited text.

  7. Sending is scheduled 24 hours in advance.

  8. Reports: Messages sent and phones without WhatsApp.

  9. Messages sent from Colombian numbers.